About the Quartermaster’s Tent

The world is changing. Romans 1 describes societies as they decline from God’s turning society over to a reprobate mind, and many of the changes in our society fit the pattern that God has predicted. Man has made man both the final authority and as a result the ultimate good of morality.

Truth in the Trenches is an apologetics (or case making) ministry, with an emphasis on the culture wars. The culture wars we find ourselves in now are merely a battle within the spiritual war of the ages, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Christians may not be of this world, but we are certainly in it, and cannot be unaffected by it.  Our goal is to help Christians to hold our candles in the hurricane force cultural winds seeking to blow them out, and we hope we can help you to stand in the faith once delivered to the saints. This is entails more than presenting arguments, it also means defining the faith we are guarding (lest we let ourselves fall to traditionalism), and providing hope, because the battle is not over, no matter what the world may say. Afterall, the apostles were also witnessing about Christ to a pagan world in Rome.

The opinions herein express are my understanding of the Bible as God’s Word as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, and is not associated with any for profit corporation or venture.

http://truthinthetrenches.org (Truth in the Trenches) – This is our “main” site. I post weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. Originally this was a preaching blog, and eventually sermons will probably be available from this site again.

https://thequartermasterstent.wordpress.com (The Quartermaster’s Tent) – This is a place where our prayer letters are posted. For a time this was a place where our weekly columns were posted, and we will be rerunning those on truth in the Trenches site in the weeks and months to come.  In the meantime, these articles are archived here.

http://apologiafides.wordpress.com (Apologia or Apologia Fides) – This is our original webpage. Originally I received a number of complaints that the material was either too technical or outside of most people’s interests. I maintain this site for more technically oriented materials, but post as time allows.


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