Truth in the Trenches Prayerlist

1. Achieving the big goal –  All of this is a waste of my time if God is not in what I am doing, please pray that God will work through my actions, and use this ministry for His glory.

2.  Marketing and Networking –  Truth in the Trenches is currently a one man ministry, and I’m not a natural salesman.   I am in constant need for wisdom, at the moment, I am learning social media; pray that I can be effective in this genre.

3.  My plan includes trying to eventually moving into weekend itinerant ministry, this requires networking, which is also not my strong suit.

4.  Life and Ministry – I am currently trying to build Truth in the Trenches, spending a little time on another project, a full time job (which may require some additional certification I will have to take at home), and my wife – pray that I am able to maintain a good balance and a maintainable pace.

5.  Personal burdens – since leaving Marshfield, I have daily dealt with feelings of failure o a daily basis – whether this is my pride, the culture I live in, Satan or a combination, I live with this burden, discouragement is an easy sin to engage in, pray that God gives me the strength to move forward even when setback can (and do) occur.


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