Comment and Posting Policy

This is first and foremost a Christian ministry whose purpose is to strengthen younger believers and those who might be seeking truth; and it will be conducted as such. This policy is not intended to be harsh or draconian, my intent is to make sure that Truth in the Trenches is a place where reasonable questions can be answered without harassment. I will put names on the blacklist if I must, but I prefer not to use this methodology when I can avoid it.

Thus while comments are encouraged and desired, but to uphold this central purpose, I reserve the right to delete comments. There are plenty of sites for debating Christianity versus atheism, but this is intended more as an entry-level discussion for Christians, if you are not a believer, I ask that you be a considerate guest; Christian, I hope you feel at home.

Among other things

1. No blasphemy, taking the Lord’s name in vain, etc. This is a Christian site.

2. No Curse words and coarse language, etc. This is offensive to most believers, this blog’s primary audience.

3. Comments that are abusive or personal attacks on myself, another poster, anyone’s parentage, etc. Try to stay on point.

4. Ad Hominem arguments – Ad Hominem arguments are arguments made against the man (as opposed to arguments on the point), and are illogical. Please note that this is limited to arguments, ad hominem flourishes (also known colloquially as snark) are a long-standing tradition in argumentative literature and politics. An argument based on a negative opinion of a person rather than on the development of facts and reason will not be permitted.


<strong>Question:</strong> I don’t understand why you like “a” it seems circular to me, could you explain that point to me? <em>Allowed. Encouraged. Desired. Did I say I welcome this kind of feedback yet?</em>
<strong>Argument to the Point</strong> – you are wrong on point “a” because it is a circular argument. <em>Allowed.</em>
<strong>Argument to point with rhetorical flourishes (AKA Snark) </strong>– are you nuts? of course “a” is incorrect, don’t Christians understand the concept of a circular argument? <em>Allowed as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. </em>
<strong>Ad Hominem </strong>– the only reason you think “a” is correct is because you are an idiot – atheists rule dude, if you had a brain you would know that. <em>Not allowed.</em>
<strong>Abusive</strong> – are you dumb? Are your parents cousins? We all know that the only reason why people become preachers is either because they are mentally defective or because they are corrupt – so which are you? <em>Not allowed.</em>
<strong>Beyond the Pale</strong> – Christians should be shot and killed, or rounded up in camps so they can’t poison the minds of children. Killing you guys is doing society a service. <em>not allowed, black listed and authorities contacted</em>


There are a few additional principles from the Scriptures that are important for the way this site is conducted, but these will be noted on a case by case basis.


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